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Check out our online boutique in Allenhurst, GA

You might think a lot of online boutiques are the same, but All Things Pretty by Lady NI is different. We created our shop in Allenhurst, GA with the intention of improving upon the impersonal and generic online shopping experience that exists. We're the place for trendy professionals, expressive homeowners and anyone else to find sensational clothing and interior design elements.

The superior online shopping option

Instead of buying from big-box stores and getting the same products everyone else has, you should shop at a local boutique. You can feel great about shopping with us because:

  • We're a woman-, veteran- and black-owned business
  • We're familiar with the preferred styles and products in the area
  • We offer the convenience of a large store with the personalized service of a small shop

You're sure to appreciate our friendly customer service and well-curated selection. Order from us today to step up your shopping game.

Find the perfect products easily

Our online boutique is committed to creating a unique shopping experience. That's why we offer interior design and styling services. Our owner will talk to you about the home products or clothing you're looking for and make recommendations using extensive knowledge of our collections. You can skip the browsing process and get exactly what you need by turning to us. Call us now at 570-216-0487 to request shopping assistance.